Close the door

Close the Door before Coming in.
Cierre la puerta antes de entrar.

. Spring 2017
. At CAMPO Arte + Arquitectura
. With Nicolas Consuegra

The project “Cierre la puerta antes de entrar” (Close the Door before Coming in) is the second edition of Anteproyecto, a site-specific or in-situ project within CAMPOS’s space that is created in a collaboration between (an) artist(s) and (an) architect(s). This second edition is a collaboration between Nicolas Consuegra and WORKNOT! (Arvand Pourabbasi and Golnar Abbasi).

It deals with the issue of property and ownership, from its representations, to its very historical emergence. It consists of three installations: an elevated fence that marks a building that CAMPO could have been, but is not (replica of the typical residential lawn fences in bogota that mark private properties), an domestic entrance carpet stating “standing here is prohibited, gracias”, and a series of archival boxes containign documents, illustrations, drawings, etc concerning history of the notion of ownership.

This project was done with the kind invitation and support of Felipe Guerra and the rest of CAMPO team.