The Balcony

The Balcony: Embracing Braambergen

. 2015–2016
. Braambergen, Almere
. With I. David and M. Morinaga

“Embracing Braambergen” was a project in INSIDE program. It was on a specific site in Almere named Braambergen. It is a landfill site owned by Afvalzorg Nederland company who was also the client of project. On June 10 and 11 in 2016 INSIDE students realised their ‘inviting interventions’ as a proof of the short-term possibilities for opening the site to the people of Almere.  The site was occupied by three interventions: the entrance by The Curtain, then the highest point of site was The Balcony, and down the balcony there was The Table.

The installation, The Balcony, is the highest point of the area and almost all of Almere.  The group domesticated the space with thrown-out household items, found in garbage sorting centre in Lelystad. It transformation 25m2 of this empty land into a domestic balcony.