Usta group

USTA Group

. 2016–2017
. With Klodiana Millona
. At INSIDE, Master Interior Architecture program, KABK

USTA is an independent experimental pedagogical platform developing tools of learning and unlearning, established by Arvand Pourabbasi and Klodiana Millona, alumni of inside: master of interior architecture.

*USTA- master, expert, old hand, workman, craftsman, adept, artist, connoisseur, constructor, dab, dabster, hand, journeyman, proficient, shark, whizz. (Babylon Turkish-English Dictionary

Rather than conceiving design in terms of predetermined ends, we do believe in a process oriented architecture. Design as a form of research involves experimentation. Experimental work bears values that are unpredictable, recognising new grounds to be explored. Experimentation therefore becomes an operational strategy used in the production of space. 

Different modes of production are related to different practices – doing, thinking, feeling and sharing.

Doing: Based on the literal sense of design as a form of making, a form of production. The attention is placed on the how, on the methods and instruments in designing.

Thinking:Based on the notion that architecture establishes a form of discourse, theoretical analysis are part of design. 

Feeling:Intuition as a form of practice stimulates investigation and build up unpredictable connections. But intuition of course must be conducted under critical analysis.

Sharing:Space doesn’t make sense to us without social interaction, so sharing and building up situation of being together is an important way of exploring design.