Minimum Dwelling: Livelihoods, Solidarities, and Others

Minimum Dwelling: Livelihoods, Solidarities, and Others

. 2021 – 2024
. At Het Nieuwe Instituut
. With Golnar Abbasi

We were commissioned to research on the topic of minimumwoning (minimum dwelling) by looking at archival material from HNI and elsewhere. In this research and design project we look at different overlapping topics and narratives about architects, architecture, home, and worker families and we tried to re-narrate this topic from different lenses to put a focus on the notions of comfort and exhaustion in relation to the spatial arrangement and land exploitation.

The project resulted in designing a room in the exhibition that included a total of 5 main original video works, and a spatial installation, both using archival material, and looking at the well-known history of minimumwoning from a critical and new perspective. The work was made up of the following chapters: 1) Introduction, 2) Clinical / industrial House, 3) Family House, 4) First food, Second rent (Rent Strikes), 5) Universal / Colonial House.