Life Hack: Space

Life Hack: Space

. October 2018
. At Varia

“What is the daily routine of a telemarketer? How can we ignore co-working as a model for spaces for collaboration? What are the territorial and political functions of furniture in the context of the art studio-to-house? Do lifehacksfree or are they an extra burden?

Together with author and designer François Girard-Meunier , the WORKNOT! collective (Arvand Pourabbasi and Golnar Abbasi), Varia (represented by Manetta Berends, Niek Hilkmann, Roel Roscam Abbing) and XPUB we addressed these and more questions during an evening dedicated to spaces that are both enterprising and precarious.

Life Hacks is part of Het Nieuwe Instituut’s fellowship program with the theme ‘burn out’. As expressed by fellow Ramon Amaro: “On the one hand, a” burn out “is a moment of stagnation, of breaking or becoming unusable otherwise. In other words, processes, procedures and participation simply no longer works. On the other hand, a ‘burn out’ is an opportunity to break open, to promote action and to catalyze change towards new structures and relationships.“

Life Hacks is a series of meetings with responding to these ambivalences. These meetings are about approaches and techniques that help to (re) shape a life in the context of increasing uncertainty and forced entrepreneurial mentality.

Life Hacks is curated by Silvio Lorusso and is a collaboration between the Research Department of Het Nieuwe Instituut and XPUB.”