The Room 1#

“The Room” is a representation and a proposal for the life and work conditions of nomadic precarious workers today. This project brings up this issue of the uncertainty of their work/life because it goes frequently unnoticed, and is considered quite normal.

Today the nomadic knowledge workers and young practitioners experience blurring of borders between places where they live and work. The author here also being in this position himself, tackled the design questions of this situation by doing one-to-one scale experiments in order to present firsthand takes on the issue.

With this strategy, the project aimed to provoke radical thinking for affordable living/working spaces for young practitioners through inhabiting unused spaces of existing buildings.

Here is The Room in De Stokerij, Rotterdam, April 2017.

Intervention in a typical Dutch residential house, with a typical narrow entrance and staircase.


The room is basically implemented as a multi-functional bed using which the user can sit, sleep and work. Through this character, tackles the ‘minimization’ of the spaces of life of the precarious worker.

Intervention proposal in the existing space:

The proposal is to make a vertical living space for a precarious young architect/worker. Using the possible unused spaces in the building for making the room; in spaces that are not even noticed.


All various elements and components of the room:

Rotating staircase, curtains, foldable desk (the size of a laptop and a book), an infrastructural wall of hooks. Using all available elements, possibilities and spaces of the staircase, despite its minimum proportions.



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